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AGSM Gas Safety Awards 2016 – Awards criteria AGSM_GSA_2016

Please give examples to support your nomination, highlighting why these examples make a strong case for winning the Award. Please submit supporting documents where appropriate. You may nominate yourself or others and you may enter more than one category but please SUBMIT A SEPARATE NOMINATION FORM FOR EACH ENTRY.


  1. Gas Industry Leadership Award demonstrating Board level involvement in gas safety
    Leadership in organisations is key to improving safety standards. Involvement from the board will ensure the organisation puts gas safety on the organisational agenda. How do your Directors support the work of those responsible for gas safety?
  2. Gas safety training programme for organisational staff
    The gas team play a crucial role in managing tenant safety and keeping the organisation compliant. How do you ensure your organisation effectively trains its workforce and demonstrates it takes the issue of gas safety seriously. What initiatives have you employed to keep your gas team trained and up to date?
  3. Gas safety training for tenants
    Key to raising gas safety is awareness. If your tenants know and understand the warning signs they can prevent carbon monoxide incidents from happening – how do you raise awareness amongst your tenants?
  4. Gas safety initiative of the year
    What is your organisation doing? How have you approached gas safety issues in your organisation in a new and innovative way?
  5. Gas safety product of the year
    Suppliers are continuously seeking new and inventive ways of improving safety by bringing exciting products to the market. These help to keep tenants safe and provide an efficient means of ensuring gas safety. Raise the profile of this product in the industry by nominating it for an award.
  6. Energy efficiency initiative
    The green agenda has become very important in the drive to eradicate fuel poverty, save energy and manage budgets. What is your organisation doing to ensure you are keeping at the forefront of energy efficiency?
  7. Best gas repairs & maintenance scheme
    Whether your repairs or maintenance is carried out in-house or by contractors, we would like to hear about the schemes you have in place to ensure this is carried out to a high standard and in a timely manner.
  8. Female leadership in gas safety management
    For an industry to be successful it must have diversity at all levels. Women bring a whole range of complimenting skills to this sector and we need to recognise and celebrate their achievements. Inspire other women in the industry and tell us about your success story!


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